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Can I make a fig cake using a jelly roll pan? Yes, you can!

We recently received a question from one of our great customers.  Can you make a fig cake using a jelly roll pan?  Pam's answer, "Yes, you can."

Taste Gluten Free Pam's jelly roll pan image to make Taste Gluten Free Fig Cake Mix using jelly roll pan

The next question, "Okay, but what is the cooking time?"  Pam's answer, "I'll make one tonight and we will find out."   So great to be working with a professional baker!



Pam starts by assembling all of the ingredients as shown in the photo.  She follows the instructions on the label to prepare the Taste of Gluten Free Fig Cake Mix except using the jelly roll pan as shown above. 

Prepare all ingredients at the start for Taste Gluten Free Fig Cake Mix


Pam states the cooking time was the same as on the label - 30 minutes.

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